How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

Lisette Alvarez July 29, 2016

You need a mobile-friendly website if you depend on your web content to promote your brand, connect with clients, or sell your products. If you want to achieve long term success, check out our tips for convincing your team to put a comprehensive mobile strategy in place.

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

Big News for Google Mobile Search Ranking

Homiera Fields June 15, 2016

Have you noticed a decrease in your mobile website traffic recently? Google just finished rolling out the latest update to their mobile search-ranking algorithm, and your website might be affected, so listen up!

How to Build a Responsive Website

Homiera Fields October 13, 2014

Update: We’ve got some big news, everyone! According to The Next Web, Google will increase the rank of sites that are mobile friendly beginning April 21, 2015. What does this mean for you? Well, if you want your site to rank higher on search engines—but don’t have a responsive, mobile-friendly website—now’s a good time to […]

Does Your Website Pass the iPhone 6 Responsive Test?

Doug Axelrod September 22, 2014

Update: Want to learn how to make your website responsive? Be sure to read part two of this blog, How to Build a Responsive Website, for best practices. The iPhone 6s is officially out and in people’s hands! You know what that means: there are two new screen sizes and resolutions that your website needs to account […]

Must Have Design Tools For Web Designers

Ab Emam August 6, 2014

In my four years of designing, I’ve come across many cool and useful design tools that make my job as a designer more efficient, if not easier. Here are a few of my favorites! Alfred Alfred is OSX’s Spotlight on steroids: it launches applications, finds files, searches the web (including Google and Amazon), does calculations, and […]

Responsive Design is a Must for All Verticals

Homiera Fields July 28, 2014

In today’s digital landscape, you don’t have to look too far to find different screen sizes that all have access to the Internet. Computers, tablets, and mobile phones: all can be great sources for online information, if they are designed the right way. Whatever industry you work for, including responsive design into your website strategy is […]

Digital Resolutions For a Successful 2014

Kurtis Shaner January 1, 2014

Happy 2014 from WDG! With a new year comes new opportunities to help your brand better succeed online. As one of DC’s leading web design firms dedicated to building exquisite digital user experiences, our team at WDG offers three goals to a more successful year for your company.

Design & Drupal Development Synergy at CapitalCamp

Curt Seiss August 9, 2013

If you missed us at Capital Camp, don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered! Below, check out the presentation from our very own Grant and Dario, who talk about how UX/UI design and Drupal development went hand in hand from the very start with our client, GuitarGate. Design & Development Synergy – GuitarGate   Via […]

WDG Launch:

Homiera Fields August 8, 2013

By Scott Stasio, Special Projects Officer at Praescient Analytics The days of basic HTML websites hosted on GeoCites are long behind us (although some relics still do exist online). It is easy to forget how basic the web browsing experience was only a few years ago; streaming video was unthinkable, social media was just getting […]

A Nonprofit Web Design Success Story

Kurtis Shaner January 13, 2013

At The Web Development Group, we specialize in building custom WordPress and Drupal websites that are guaranteed to please visitors. There is a lot that goes in to each website we launch. From the beginning research phase where we meet with clients and discuss the goals of the new site to content management where we […]

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