Responsive Design

Ab Emam & Andrew Amundson - January 17, 2019

One Billion Served (almost)

Since the inception of WDG, our purpose has been to deliver intuitive user experiences and next-level web development to our clients. Years later, we’ve developed efficiencies for some of the largest corporations…

Kurtis Shaner - September 5, 2017

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and now powers more than a quarter of the websites across the globe. Launched in 2003, WordPress began as an open source blog…

Doug Axelrod - August 23, 2017

Why Use Drupal?

Drupal is among the most popular CMS’ currently available and is the preferred choice for government agencies, large associations, nonprofits, and many Fortune 500 companies. Simple for editors, powerful for administrators, secure, and…

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy
Lisette Alvarez - July 29, 2016

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy

You need a mobile-friendly website if you depend on your web content to promote your brand, connect with clients, or sell your products. If you want to achieve long term success, check…

How To Convince Your Team to Adopt a Mobile Strategy
Homiera Fields - June 15, 2016

Big News for Google Mobile Search Ranking

Have you noticed a decrease in your mobile website traffic recently? Google just finished rolling out the latest update to their mobile search-ranking algorithm, and your website might be affected, so listen…

Homiera Fields - October 13, 2014

How to Build a Responsive Website

Update: We’ve got some big news, everyone! According to The Next Web, Google will increase the rank of sites that are mobile friendly beginning April 21, 2015. What does this mean for…

Ab Emam - August 6, 2014

Must Have Design Tools For Web Designers

In my four years of designing, I’ve come across many cool and useful design tools that make my job as a designer more efficient, if not easier. Here are a few of…

Homiera Fields - July 28, 2014

Responsive Design is a Must for All Verticals

Source: Mashable In today’s digital landscape, you don’t have to look too far to find different screen sizes that all have access to the Internet. Computers, tablets, and mobile phones: all can…

Kurtis Shaner - January 1, 2014

Digital Resolutions For a Successful 2014

Happy 2014 from WDG! With a new year comes new opportunities to help your brand better succeed online. As one of DC's leading web design firms dedicated to building exquisite digital user experiences, our team…