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Good design is more than eye-candy. It is functional, intentional, and user-centric. Keeping development top of mind, the design process targets your conversion goals and aesthetic preferences to deliver seamless user experiences. Let’s connect about how we can bring your new digital experience to life through effective and accessible design.


Flexible Layouts & Design Systems

Our designers provide flexibility with a systematic approach of custom components (blocks) that can be used across multiple pages and allow the content team to create new page layouts without additional development. This “flexible layout” system can extend to a full design library system.


Accessibility is more than a buzzword at WDG; it’s a way of life. Our designs are accessible for the broadest audience possible — meaning we use tools like contrast checkers and screen readers to check our designs against industry standards.

Digital Brand Evolution

Our designers approach your digital brand by first understanding what your “why” is. Brands and organizations with a deep sense of self have the most effective brands, and we work with you to represent you at your very best on the web, including logo refreshes.

Responsive Design

Our design process is responsive by default and mobile-first when necessary. We bring together beauty and functionality, no matter your screen size. With an eye towards usability, we plan for and develop design systems for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, so your audience can reach you on the go.

  • Brand + Identity
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Integration
  • Motion Graphics + Video
  • Content Creation
  • Wireframing
  • Style Tiles

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