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Launching a redesigned fully responsive, accessible, organized and engaging website requires a strategy-driven approach. Our team harvests a deep appreciation for data-supported strategic direction. With subject matter experts in digital strategy, content strategy, and information architecture, we align your business needs with your audience goals through user research, UI/UX discovery, and technology implementation. We consult and partner with your stakeholders to create a strategic vision for your new digital experience.

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Data-Driven Insights

Review of your Google Analytics, CRM statistics, and more builds out a qualitative understanding of your user base and their unique needs. Our team crunches the numbers and provides you with the insights you need to make decisions about your new digital strategy.

Strategy Workshops

Our subject matter experts swoop in for a special mission, solving complex creative problems within a matter of weeks. Designed to define vision, objectives, and challenges for your new experience, our collaborative workshops uncover insights, goals, and strategic opportunities.

User Research

Input from your audience is crucial to creating a seamless user experience. Surveys, focus groups, and analytics are just some of the tools that we’ll use to better understand your audiences and what they need.

Content Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, and training are a few highlights of our content strategy offering. We optimize your content so it meets the right audience at the right time.

Information Architecture

WDG’s strategy team is powered by our deep knowledge and expertise in organizing your new navigation and information architecture to ensure clear user journeys. We’ll help you organize, structure, and label your content in ways that are clear to your audience and support your goals.

  • Heuristic review
  • Content Audit
  • SEO/Keyword Research
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • User Research
  • Metric Benchmarking
  • Vertical-Specific Best Practices
  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis
  • Strategy Brief

Strategy Thought Leadership

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