At WDG, we pride ourselves on our steadfast commitment to each other and our clients. We believe in collaboration over everything: internally with each other and externally with our clients. We believe in mission-critical work and choose our clients carefully, wanting to ensure the best possible experience and highest-quality product.

We are an integrated team of fearless thinkers, creators, and builders. We ignite change and transform brands, obsessively focused on creating new possibilities through integrated experiences. The talent of our strategic, creative, and technical teams, combined with our full range of in-house capabilities, enables us to complete even the most complex projects quickly and cost-efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

We create and build digital platforms (websites, applications, e-commerce experiences) and partnerships that are designed to last — and we do it best by working with clients who want to uncover deep, actionable insights about themselves.

A few Dos and Don’ts that guide our combined team

  • We DO question everything; our assumptions, past experiences, and best practices. We seek to uncover “why” and not just “what.”
  • We DO share a deep respect for each other and our clients. We all think the person sitting next to us is smarter than we are. And we always listen to the subject matter expertise our clients bring to bear.
  • We DO seek knowledge. We attend and speak at conferences; we’re active participants in both Drupal and WordPress open source communities; we read voraciously and share our insights.
  • We DO rely on each other. We ask for help when we need it, and more importantly, we help when called.
  • We DO seek and find purpose in our work. We make purposeful decisions for ourselves and our clients, leveraging insights into powerful action.
  • We DON’T hide from our clients. We don’t believe in grand reveals, but rather a clear, iterative process that allows us to build a strong team. We are radically transparent, clearly setting us apart.
  • We DON’T rely on buzzwords. Instead, we believe in speaking with clarity, confidence, and purpose.
  • We DON’T rely just on ourselves for inspiration. We look to our past performance and experience, of course, but also to the web at large, award-winners, other agencies, and more.
  • We DON’T bring our egos through the front door. We seek humility from our teammates and don’t bring our agendas to the table.

We’re here for you, to bring your vision to life.