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If it’s available digitally, WDG can migrate it. Managing large-scale migrations can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve taken great care to develop our own tools to take the burden off your shoulders. From migration planning to scripted migration and CMS superusers managing the assembly of your content, we can help you rebuild your new site. We’re experts and experienced leaders in building custom integrations and have successfully planned and migrated complex websites from solutions such as Ektron, Sitecore, Sitefinity, SharePoint to WordPress and Drupal.


WDG Migrate for WordPress

By using our in-house WordPress migration tool, we can source from a database export, REST API, or even an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for fine-grained control over post type, field, and taxonomy mapping. In other words - we’ll move it from anywhere to the right place in your new WordPress build with a flexible framework built to create tailored migrations from almost any source.

Drupal Migration

Establishing content types and templates is a crucial piece of our Drupal migration strategy. Using time-tested community modules, our team migrates your content to its new home on your Drupal install, ensuring long-term usability and a much cleaner data source to work with.

Migration Planning

Working hand-in-hand with our information architects, we take the mystery out of migration planning. With a thoughtful approach to content architecture and effective field and taxonomy mapping, we take the lead on migration planning efforts so nothing gets left behind.

Migration & Development Thought Leadership

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