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WordPress Gutenberg is the most popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS) in the world and now powers almost half of all websites across the internet. As an expert Gutenberg developer, WDG builds delightful experiences for front and back-end users alike. Secure, flexible, and easy-to-use, WordPress is a dream CMS for anyone looking to reach new audiences and convert them to your mission. Let’s transform your content publishing experience together.


Custom Layouts

The power of Gutenberg is in its flexible, custom block system. WDG’s developers work with designers and strategists to build you a set of blocks (we’ve taken to calling them Legos® around here) that you can piece together to create pages. Rather than locking you into a set of immovable templates, Gutenberg allows you to extend the longevity of your system to meet ongoing and yet-to-be-identified needs.

Powerful Search

Elasticsearch and Apache Solr are powerful tools for insite search and ones that can be integrated into WordPress seamlessly. Both high and low-traffic sites with large databases can be slowed down by poor search functions that create a bottleneck. Apache Solr and Elasticsearch enable complex searches by indexing attachments (like PDFs) and providing fast and accurate results.

Custom APIs

WDG’s development team works with custom APIs to make your internal projects and data sources talk to your website. We’ve connected global parts inventories, proprietary databases for e-commerce, and interactive storytelling devices like maps. We make it easy for your HR team to hire and interview with connections to software like Greenhouse, and we’ve developed e-commerce integration tools to allow for simple tracking of purchases.

Flexible Integrations

API integrations and single-sign-on (SSO) are crucial for making your WordPress website a true digital hub. WordPress makes it easy to “talk” to CRMs like Salesforce. Same goes for digital marketing and fundraising tools, so you can create seamless and conversion-driven user experiences.


WordPress Core carries security as a primary focus with many eyes of the open source community locked on it. It has a great track record and low response time to fixing zero day vulnerabilities. Because WordPress allows third party developers to write code though its plugin architecture, WDG chooses dependencies carefully and does not default to installing plugins when there are simple ways to achieve the same features and functionality. Our team knows how to balance security and convenience to make your website secure and successful.

Migrations in WordPress

WDG makes migrating from clunky CMSs to WordPress a breeze thanks to our proprietary migration tool. Our developers and information architects work hand-in-hand to ensure data fidelity throughout the migration process, ensuring your new site is content-rich.

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