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When it comes to responsive designs there are a lot of resources available to check out. We thought a great blog post for this week’s theme of WDG Favorites would be one that focuses on responsive design. We could have done, “Our favorite way to get your site on mobile and tablet devices” but that was very quickly vetoed by our designers and developers since our team is hardcore about responsive design. So, to appease our WDG teammates and to give you, our readers, some great resources, we decided to write about three of our favorite resources for responsive design. What could be better? The answer is “NADA!”.

So, we are excited to announce, in no particular order, WDG’s favorites in responsive design:


This jQuery plugin allows you to post videos on your site and ensure that it will continually match the desired ratios of the screen. Having fluid width video embedded in your site will automatically make your site look cleaner when viewed on a mobile or tablet device. Although there are a lot of options available, we have had good experience with fitvids.js

The Responsinator

Even the name is cool! The Responsinator replicates how a particular site will look on popular devices (like phones and tablets). Although it does not create an exact duplicate of how the site will look when being viewed with the responsive design, it does a really good job at giving a general idea. If you are a web developer working on making a site responsive, you should definitely look into using The Responsinator.


We could have included this on yesterday’s blog post about WordPress but with the awesome resource of plugins, we decided to save it for today’s blog! Soliloquy claims to be, “the best responsive jQuery slider plugin for WordPress. Period.” Well we can’t speak for all jQuery slider plugins, but we do really like the efficiency and user-friendly nature of this one. If you are building a WordPress site with responsive design capabilities and need an image slider, you should consider this one.

There it is, folks–some of our favorite responsive design resources personally submitted by our responsive-design happy team. As we have said many times in this blog, responsive design is the future of mobile and tablet web design.

Do you have a favorite resource of responsive design? Tell us about it by tweeting us at @wdgtweet!

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