WDG Joins Forces with Agital to Build a True Digital Marketing Powerhouse!

WDG is thrilled to announce the next game-changing chapter in our journey – our integration into the visionary world of Agital, a leader in integrated marketing services! Based in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, WDG has earned a strong reputation for robust web development, design, and digital strategy. Our history of partnering with esteemed names like the Ford Foundation, Barnes & Noble, and the American Red Cross has set the stage, and joining forces with Agital will amplify our ability to drive impact for our clients.

A Beneficial Harmony of Expertise: Elevating WDG’s Capabilities For Our Clients

WDG’s expertise perfectly complements Agital’s comprehensive suite of services, which includes paid media, PR, and SEO. The transformative partnership propels WDG into the next echelon of full-service agencies, offering integrated omnichannel capabilities, supported and enhanced by enterprise web strategy. In joining forces with Agital, WDG unlocks a new era of possibilities for our clients.

The merging of WDG’s creative prowess with Agital’s strategic depth means clients can now access more holistic services, expanded resources, and heightened expertise, all under one umbrella. Imagine a seamless blend of website development, UX design, social media, paid and organic search, programmatic advertising, public relations, and consulting – all delivered by a united team dedicated to elevating your digital initiatives to new heights.

This partnership ensures a unified approach to digital excellence, where the sum of our capabilities is greater than its parts. Clients can expect not just continuity in exceptional service but a newfound ability to elevate and amplify their digital marketing endeavors with a single, formidable team.

The Future Is Intentional and Impactful

Agital’s acquisition of WDG is part of a larger narrative, with key prior additions like REQ, Exclusive Concepts, and Highnoon. Together, we are a customer-centric agency focused on measurable results to impact our clients’ overall business goals. We’re ready to unlock new opportunities, push creative boundaries, and deliver integrated experiences that resonate deeply with our audiences. As we step into this exciting new chapter, the merging of WDG with Agital promises an era where innovation, efficiency, and client success are not just aspirations but certainties.

Join us as we start this new journey and explore the endless opportunities that lie ahead. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and collective success.

Cheers to WDG’s next chapter!

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