MHz Networks- A website developed on Drupal!

The Web Development Group rolls out another successful launch! Over the past few days, we have been anxiously awaiting today’s launch; MHz. You have probably noticed MHz channels as you flipped through your TV. The network airs international and educational programming with diverse cultural perspectives. This is a great example of a website developed on Drupal. Read the official case study here!

The Web Development Group did design and development for the new site. Because of its large size and complex nature, the site was developed on Drupal. The whole process of web design went quickly and smoothly. The previous site was somewhat stagnant, difficult to maneuver, and text-heavy. Our design team really took the idea that MHz is a video-network, and designed it around that. This was a fun and challenging opportunity for our Drupal web development team in that they had to be able to incorporate and catalogue videos by genre. MHz’s new site is also a responsive design. This means it will have the highest quality appearance possible when being viewed on tablet and mobile devices.

Working with MHz was an all around great experience. Throughout the design and development process we were consistently on the same page. They had great insights into what would make their site more user-friendly, and we were happy to be able to accommodate that while adding our own twist using our professional knowledge. Throughout the development process, we offered MHz hours of training so they would feel secure and knowledgeable when it came to making edits and adding content on their site.

Take a look and let us know what you think! We are really excited about it.

At The Web Development Group we work with our clients to make sure we are implementing the appropriate CMS for them. In the case of MHz, we felt Drupal was the best option but we also frequently work with WordPress. We specialize in web design and development for the DC area but also work with clients from all over the east coast. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in getting a site built

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