Lisette Alvarez

How to get the most from salesforce integrations
Lisette Alvarez - July 18, 2017

How to Get the Most From Salesforce Integrations

Are you leveraging Salesforce to best support your company? Salesforce's CRM, cloud products, and app integrations can handle customer relationships by focusing on sales, marketing and support processes. Learn how experts customize…

Marketers should lead your website redesign
Lisette Alvarez - July 6, 2017

Why Your Marketing Team Should Lead Your Website Redesign

The state of the market has changed for website redesign, development, and maintenance. Companies initially relied on their internal IT teams to control and update their website. In the past, our web…

Redesigning for associations and nonprofits
Lisette Alvarez - June 28, 2017

Why Associations and Nonprofits are Redesigning Their Websites

Our digital strategy team has noticed a new pattern of challenges and needs from associations and nonprofits seeking website redesigns. Organizations are going through a transition period where their members or readers…

The value of resource centers
Lisette Alvarez - June 22, 2017

How To Create a Successful Online Resource Center

First of all, what is a resource center? What can be considered a “resource”? For many of our clients and others in their industries, a resource center is a centralized hub for…

Global Coalition to End Cervical Cancer: Every Woman deserves 1 intervention
Lisette Alvarez - May 8, 2017

Global Coalition to End Cervical Cancer

WDG is honored to be a part of GC3’s efforts to end cervical cancer by sharing our digital strategy, visual design, Wordpress expertise, and content creation services.

Enhancing modern art with mobile technology
Lisette Alvarez - March 6, 2017

The Phillips Collection

The Phillips Collection mobile strategy The Phillips Collection, America’s “first museum of modern art”, came to WDG in search of a user-centric solution for their visitors both online and in person. The…