3 Reasons to Bring Your Tech Business to Washington, DC


I’ve worked in the Washington, DC tech industry for a long time. Since starting The Web Development Group in Alexandria, Virginia 15 years ago, even I have to remind myself how far the tech scene has come. Traffic, politicians, bureaucracy—sure these are all expected. What no one expects is the rise of the tech industry in the DC metro area.

In 2013, Forbes published a report naming Washington, DC the #1 tech hotspot in the country, passing more recognizable technology hubs on the west coast, Texas, and New York. In the last 10 years, Washington, DC’s tech industry has grown by an enormous 50%!. I don’t think that growth is stopping anytime soon.

Have you thought about bringing your design and development needs online to the Washington, DC area? If you are not convinced yet, I’m going to do my best to convince you.

We’re Often the Leaders of Industry Change

Despite the stuffy stereotype, the Washington, DC tech industry is not a new phenomenon. Government and military contracting are both huge portions of the technology field. A short drive to Dulles would show you as much.

Because we are a hub for technology, Washington, DC is at the forefront of technological advances occurring in the industry. From meetups to in-depth design and technology conferences, there is a ton of brainpower in the District. When you have a thriving community, it’s easier to stay current with changing trends and offer clients the best of what’s been recently released.

WDG is active in the community. You can tell by how often our team appears on meetup rosters, our sponsorships of different tech-related events (including CreativeMornings DC and Capital Camp / Gov Days), and our own GiveBack DC initiative.

Huge Talent Pool of Expert Designers and Developers

A new kind of technology scene is brewing in the District. Today, DC is home to hundreds of tech start-ups, making it a prime location for budding entrepreneurs to make their nests. Take a look at what they’re doing at 1776, Canvas Co.Work, and WeWork.

Washington, DC’s location remains an attractive spot for millennials who are straight out of college or looking for new opportunities. According to the Brookings Institute, Washington gained an average 12,500 millennials annually between 2009 and 2012, more than places like San Francisco or Austin.

With a talent pool as large as this, we built a rock-solid team of website designers and developers who craft quality websites for clients like The Folger Shakespeare Library, WTOP—Washington’s Top News, and The American Red Cross. Having a great team continues to be The Web Development Group’s strength. We invest in our people first. That’s why we make the designers and developers working on your project the first line of communication. You’re always talking to the people working directly on your project. Every client we’ve worked with know that WDG has a high-quality, hand-picked team of designers and developers, not just a revolving door of 9-to-5 employees.

Don’t take my word for it. Check out our fantastic case studies.

Better Services for Different Verticals

We’re a city of diverse verticals—from news publications to nonprofits to associations to B2B companies. With all of these different industries, you are guaranteed to find a creative agency who understands and can meet your digital goals for your industry. At WDG, we’ve worked with a multitude of verticals. We use this experience to build you solutions that make sense for your industry.

Our design and development services focus on targeting and highlighting each vertical in customized ways, considering your industry’s standards. Want to see what we can do for you? Take a look at our design and development services.

Interested in getting a website redesign started?

Drop us a line. The WDG is located at 209 The Strand, Alexandria, VA 22314. We also have a newly-opened location at WeWork in Chinatown!

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