Kick-Off 2015 the Right Way

Homiera Fields January 1, 2015

We did a lot in 2014. From impressive website launches (like SpaceNews, Penton, and PaintCare), even more exciting new projects, and a largely successful GiveBack DC Holiday Diaper Drive, we’ve been busy. But as one year closes, it’s time for you to get busy too! With your digital resolutions for 2015, that is. Let’s check […]

Even More Must Have Tools for Web Developers

Homiera Fields October 6, 2014

A couple months back, our awesome developer, Kurtis, gave you the lowdown on some Must Have Tools for Developers that make their jobs easier, and more efficient. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a new, updated list of must have developer tools our team couldn’t, well, develop without. Our developers weigh in: Navicat Need access to your databases when […]

Say Hello to Our Little Friends: Buddy, Duke, and Harley

Kristina Lakeway September 5, 2014

At WDG, we are always looking for ways to boost morale and promote an awesome work culture. Kayaks, basketball hoops, game rooms, Friday breakfast–you name it, we have it. (Or at least thinking of it.) Which brings us to the most important morale-boosters of all: our beloved four-legged, tail-wagging friends, Buddy, Duke, and Harley! In […]

Favorite Prototyping Tool For Great Client Communication

Randall Parrish August 18, 2014

A picture is worth a thousand words. I’m sure everyone has heard this decades old saying once in their lives. But in the world of design, it couldn’t be more relevant. When working with clients, WDG designers really take this adage to heart, especially when it comes to client communication. Today, I’ll be covering my favorite prototyping […]

GiveBack DC Continues to Support Local Non-Profits

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz August 13, 2014

Challenge, Meet Solution Jackie King is the Executive Director of Ramona’s Way, a non-profit based in Washington, D.C. that provides services for women who are survivors of emotional and physical abuse. Without a doubt, the mission that Jackie and thousands of other non-profits like hers stand for is a noble one. There was just one […]

Must Have Design Tools For Web Designers

Ab Emam August 6, 2014

In my four years of designing, I’ve come across many cool and useful design tools that make my job as a designer more efficient, if not easier. Here are a few of my favorites! Alfred Alfred is OSX’s Spotlight on steroids: it launches applications, finds files, searches the web (including Google and Amazon), does calculations, and […]

Randall Does E3, Cue Video Game Shenanigans

Ab Emam June 25, 2014

To say I’ve always wanted to go to E3 would be an understatement. Video games aren’t just a casual hobby: I grew up reading the latest gaming news (remember Nintendo Power?) and was always eager to hear news about the latest and greatest games and hardware. Seeing all the great holiday announcements for upcoming games […]

World Cup at WDG: Goooal!

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz June 20, 2014

It’s that time of year again … or every four years rather: vividly-colored jerseys sported on the backs of dedicated fans, fierce debates about what teams are destined to win, and boisterous crowds roaring as their favorite team makes the winning goal. At least, that’s what I think happens at the World Cup—my knowledge doesn’t […]

Tips and Tricks for More Efficient Web Design

Ab Emam May 6, 2014

As far as I know, there aren’t any big secrets that I can divulge to make you a better designer – this comes from years of practice to refine your craft. What I can provide is tips on how to get to that point of awesomeness by enhancing your efficiency in all aspects of your web design work. Every second you […]

How to Guarantee a Successful Web Design Internship

Ab Emam December 11, 2013

Without question, the most exciting part about a student’s design education is the opportunity to prove their skills in real-world situations. Internships are exciting opportunities for students, allowing them to get an edge on their peers in an industry of increasingly stiff, experienced competition. However, despite the good intentions of the employer and intern, not […]

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