Say Hello to Our Little Friends: Buddy, Duke, and Harley

Kristina Lakeway
Kristina Lakeway
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At WDG, we are always looking for ways to boost morale and promote an awesome work culture. Kayaks, basketball hoops, game rooms, Friday breakfast–you name it, we have it. (Or at least thinking of it.) Which brings us to the most important morale-boosters of all: our beloved four-legged, tail-wagging friends, Buddy, Duke, and Harley!

In case that wasn’t convincing enough, there is actually scientific proof that office dogs are good for your health. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University studied, tested, and found that people who bring their pups to their office had less stress and improved job satisfaction overall. Those who didn’t bring their dogs to work had significantly higher levels of stress by the end of the day.

With results like these, it seemed only fitting that our three furry friends had their own blog post. After all, even when they’re running circles around our desks, they make the work day much, much brighter.


Have you seen my bow tie?
Paint me like one of your french girls.

If Buddy were a dog, he would be the greatest dog. Buddy is not a dog. Buddy is just a tribute. -Mike


Because the duck face is so 2013.

Duke isn’t just a dog. He is a way of life. And he’s the second smartest dog in the office. (Ask Randall and Kristina.) He leads a very active lifestyle, whether he’s practicing “doga” (dog yoga) or running marathons around the office. At the end of the day, though, there’s nothing he enjoys more then a prolonged belly rub. -Homiera


Someone's ready for a busy day at the office!
Where’s the steering wheel on this thing?

Harley is the most recent addition to the pup-fold here at WDG. He’s a 5-year-old Husky/Corgi mix adopted from the Last Chance Animal Rescue organization back in May. Since then, he’s taken to the life of an office dog seamlessly and enthusiastically.

Harley enjoys curling up behind the design team’s desk chairs, greeting clients with a sniff and a tail wag, and wrestling with Duke for hours. Other interests: eating (a lot), car rides, air conditioning, and train watching.  Harley is affectionally referred to by everyone as “Harles Barkley” or “Shorty”, and is “Pup Most Likely To: Belong in a Cartoon Show.” -Kristina

Special Mentions: Medo and Mika

Medo: I will work for treats.
Mika: Big dog, big heart, huge appetite.

Even though they don’t stop by the WDG shop every day, we still love having them around!

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