Building a Culture Instead of a Company

When we started focusing on WDG’s rebirth in 2011, one thing was crystal-clear: our employees won’t just be considered employees. Our coworkers would be the team to make WDG go round. This is because our office isn’t just an office. It’s a work culture on a whole other level where our folks are inspired and relaxed while they go a hundred miles an hour for our clients.

It may sound odd, but one of our primary goals when rebuilding WDG was to create an inspiring, fun environment where developers and designers enjoyed doing what they were passionate about. Want to know where our success lies? Keep reading.

How To Build A Creative Work Culture

Encourage Innovation

Some things are better left the way they are (hello, pizza), but no reputable company can owe its success to staying the same. By encouraging innovation, WDG prides itself on building non-standard solutions to all of our project challenges, making ideas nearly limitless in our Old Town, Alexandria shop. We may hash the occasional concept over a game of ping-pong, but you can always expect results from our team.

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We don’t just have design and development skills.

Celebrate Together

Ever worked in one of those “traditional” companies before where hard-work goes almost unnoticed? At WDG, we strive to celebrate our wins together, not just because our work really is that awesome, but because every member is an integral part of our process. By viewing your team as a well-oiled machine with all its parts in sync, success is always a group accomplishment.

Promote a Learning Environment, Not My-Way-or-Highway

Although we have our best practices, there is no one right way to design or develop at WDG. Our team of expert designers and developers collaborate together to come up with solutions for every project. It’s easy to let titles get in the way, but if you approach your business as a place where everyone can learn, you’ll be better off.

All Work, No Play? Not Here

Have we mentioned that WDG isn’t your typical company? We believe in the balance of having a strong work ethic while enjoying your day and having fun. Whether we’re playing friendly games of ping-pong, taking morning walks to our favorite coffee shops in Old Town, or spending some downtime just kayaking on the Potomac, the WDG team knows how to take breaks and take in all that our area has to offer. We love what we do and where we do it.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re looking for a creative agency to work with and who knows how to push the boundaries of innovation and works hard to build digital solutions, you are in the right place. The Web Development Group (WDG) is one of the area’s premier web design and development agency in the Washington, DC region. Get in contact with us today and learn how we can help you build a better digital solution for your website. 

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