Don’t be swayed by the water views, grill on the deck, “bring your dog to work” rotation, morning bagels, district taco lunches, or high ceilings. We’re solving real problems for some of the most demanding projects.

Personality fuels our collective creativity.

Regardless of experience, seniority, or expertise, we believe every single person is integral to our team. So bring your quirks to the table–and your impressive skill set–and see how WDG thrives on collaboration.


Agency Life


It’s a home away from home. I come here to escape reality.


Ab Emam Managing Director

Our office is our second home.

Play with the office puppies, start a tab with Teashop Mary, or grab a Yuengling with everyone at the end of the day. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by individuals who are equally passionate about collaborating as they are about dodging red shells during lunchtime Mario Kart.


WDG believes in giving back to our community.

GiveBack DC is WDG’s nonprofit initiative which brings together digital expertise from around the region to help deserving nonprofits and community organizations. Over five years, GiveBack DC has donated over $500K in products and services.

We have contributed to local nonprofits such as DC Diaper Bank, Hire Our Heroes, Bethany House of Northern Virginia, Phoenix Bikes, Critical Exposure, and Semper K9.

GiveBack DC has been supported by great organizations such as eBay Giving, WordPress, 1776, and General Assembly.


"We embrace all the stuff that made you weird as a kid." - Dario Tadic, Creative Director

"60% of the time, it works, every time." - Kurtis Shaner, Senior Web Developer

"Want to show up with blue hair and a new tattoo? As long as you work hard and wash your dishes, the WDG team will love it." - Lisette Alvarez, Digital Strategist

“I love the WDG family so much that I invited them to my wedding. They all showed up, so in some small aspect that must mean they love me too… or the free food." - Kristina Walter, Designer

"I come here for the dad jokes." - Randall Parrish, Designer

"There are only 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don’t." - Doug Axelrod, Technical Lead

"Our diversity is more than skin deep. Our culture is cultured. Try to pronounce our names and check our resumes; from birth places to professional backgrounds, we're the definition of unique." - Vajaah Parker, Director of Strategy

"We're not just in this for the success of our clients. We're in this for the success of each other." - Homiera Fields, Director of Client Services

"The location. The people. The incredible work we do.  This is what makes us WDG." - Dave Everett, Senior Web Developer

"WDG is the place creatives dream of working. I've never been so happy to come to work each and every day, and it's not just for the free donuts." - Brittany Estes, Content Strategist

"My favorite thing about working at WDG is the emphasis on creative expression...and the many ways I creatively express my love of tacos." - Curt Seiss, Account Director

"WDG welcomed me with open arms and provided me with a voice to express my passions. They did not view me as someone new, but instead embraced my new perspectives.” - Paige Day, Marketing Strategist

"Work hard. Smash Bros. harder." - Joan Piedra, Senior Web Developer

"WDG has become my second family." - Ab Emam, Managing Director

Become a part of WDG's innovative & expert culture.

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