Fiedler’s Friday Favorites: Web Design

It’s Friday, folks!  We have had a week full of WordPress, Drupal, Social Media, and Responsive Design favorites.  So what does that leave for today’s awesome post? Design!  This means that we are interviewing our resident Web Designer, Danielle Fiedler, for today’s post, which is appropriately called Fiedler’s Friday Favorites!

Danielle has worked on some of WDG’s favorite designs.  She will usually be spotted around the office carrying her iMac to the creative room for team meetings, or munching on Fruity Pebbles to get her creative juices flowing.  The proud owner of an awesome miniature husky, Tiki, Danielle also brings in terrific desserts on occasion. Most importantly, though, she continually proves herself as a phenomenal web designer who is not only amazingly talented, but equally passionate about her work.

Without further ado, check out Danielle’s tips and advice on web design!

How long have you been doing web design?
4 years

What’s your favorite part of web design?
“I really like working with clients to help them rebrand. It’s amazing how quickly you can transform one’s entire image with some simple changes. That being said, a lot of the work I do can get fairly complicated.”

Do you have any favorite resources?
“I follow a lot of online blogs and sites but my favorites are Smashing Magazine and The Best Web Designs.”

In your opinion, what are the three most important aspects of web design?
“It varies client to client but typically I think the following are most important:
First impression, what the audience sees as soon as they land on the site. Is it interesting? Will it make them want to see more?
Intuitive navigation, will the audience be able to navigate the site easily? Is it user-friendly?
Bright & fun colors, is there something that pops?”

What’s the biggest challenge you face when designing a website for a client?
“Understanding exactly what the client’s goals are for their brand and then matching it with a fun, creative style. Web design is about more than just creating a website, it is about designing a brand that will stand the test of time.”

Well, that wraps up a week of favorites at the WDG office. From Drupal and WordPress web development to social media and responsive design resources, we have given you a breakdown of our favorite tools and techniques. To be honest, we have had a lot of fun assembling these lists and we hope you enjoyed reading them. Of course, we are always eager to hear from you. What was your favorite day?

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