Our Favorite WordPress Plugins

Day two of our favorite WordPress plugins is here! I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what are we possibly going to post about today.

Wait no more! Today is all about WordPress Plugins. With over 20,000 available on the plugin directory, web developers have what seems like unlimited amount of additions available for their site.

When I sent out an email to our team asking for them to submit their favorite WordPress plugins, their responses came in immediately and enthusiastically. Without a doubt, some of our developers feel very strongly about several available plugin. Although I wish I could post about each of the plugins that were submitted, I don’t have the time to dissect the awesomeness of our team’s entire bag of favorites today. Here is a small sampling of some of our favorite WordPress plugins.


Gravity Forms

This is, by far, our favorite and most popular plugin. Nearly all of our team members who submitted their favorites included this one. As the name probably implies, Gravity Forms allows developers to build and manipulate different forms, most commonly Contact forms. The plugin itself allows for customization of nearly every element yet it always produces a clean, professional look. If you are looking to add a “contact us” page to your next WordPress design, purchase Gravity Forms. It is overwhelmingly well worth the investment.

Theme My Login

“This plugin is amazeballs” –Matt N., WDG Developer
Theme My Login allows you to quickly customize how users register/login on your site: change the workflow, allow users to specify their own passwords, customize the emails for user confirmation, etc, You can also create profile pages for users on the front end. Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website. How convenient!


Cleverly named, TubePress, allows users to quickly upload videos from YouTube and Vimeo on to your WordPress site. The plugin also allows for many customizable features on the thumbnail gallery and the thumbnails themselves. If you are developing a site that relies on video, you should definitely take a look at this plugin.

So there you have it, three of our favorite WordPress plugins. Naturally, each designer and developer has his or her own preferences but these seem to be plugins that all of our developers can agree are worth checking out. Do you have a favorite WordPress plugin? Share your faves by tweeting us at @WDGTweet ! We’d love to hear about some other great Plugins!

Check our part 2 in this series: The Best WordPress Plugins You’re Not Using.

Edit: Check out an even better list of WordPress plugins we put together in January.

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