Email Append – Is it safe and effective?

David Everett August 28, 2011

The process of matching email addresses to a direct marketing database has been around for over a decade. Email Appending started as there was a huge demand for email marketing in the very early 2000 and this service has evolved to an extremely simple, quick and effective marketing service for marketers to communicate with their […]

Email Append Costs

David Everett August 22, 2011

The Email Append industry has changed significantly within the past 10 years. In 2000-2001 email appending was expensive and very few companies could provide this service. Costs were high, match rates were low, and it was still an unproven marketing service. A decade later, email appending and the online marketing industry has grown significantly especially […]

Email Append – How does it work – In a few words

David Everett August 17, 2011

Email Append is supposed to be easy! – Give your file to an email append vendor, get results in a few days, draft a welcome message, then have the vendor deploy to the email appended list to verify the email appended emails.  Remember – You as a the paying marketer should only pay an email […]

Email Append Service – What is an average Email Append Match Rate?

David Everett August 17, 2011

First of all – What is email appending? “Email Appending” is the process of enhancing a postal address and/or specific demographic with a valid deliverable email address. Marketers who have their clients contact information but do not have an email address, could potentially benefit from this service. If you decide to use an email append […]

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