Email Append Service – What is an average Email Append Match Rate?

David Everett
- < 1 min read

First of all – What is email appending? “Email Appending” is the process of enhancing a postal address and/or specific demographic with a valid deliverable email address. Marketers who have their clients contact information but do not have an email address, could potentially benefit from this service.

If you decide to use an email append service, the service will not automatically find emails to all your contacts. The average match rate based on stats gathered from the email append company acquiresoft, the average match rate is 32 percent but this number does vary depending on the age of your database, completeness, consumer vs. business records and location of your records. For example – California has a higher match rate then Montana.

Typical match rates on email append vary based the email append type.

Business email append matches (exact match): 25% – 55%
Consumer email append matches: 30% – 40%

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