Email Append – How does it work – In a few words

David Everett
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Email Append is supposed to be easy! – Give your file to an email append vendor, get results in a few days, draft a welcome message, then have the vendor deploy to the email appended list to verify the email appended emails.  Remember – You as a the paying marketer should only pay an email append vendor for data that works!.

How does email append work at AcquireSoft?

1Marketer or client delivers customer postal list (list must include: first name, last name, address, city, zip) to our email appending experts – all email append experts are based out of the US (Washington DC)

2Using our secure Email Append procedures, and observing strict confidentiality, we match each name in your list against our in-house opt-in databases of nearly 400 million opt-in fresh email records. 

3Within 48-72-hours, we will provide you with a detailed reporting summary that outlines our match levels and match percentages

4We work with you to draft copy for a “Welcome” OPT-IN message in html, and a Text version.  This drafted copy will ask for permission for future online communications with the intended recipient via email

5We send your approved “Welcome” message to each of the confirmed and valid email address that is matched to your offline file

6After 7 business days, we will return to you the email append database back to you.  We allow 7 business days after initial deployment for recipients to unsubscribe should they wish to

7We return: A database (opt-in and opt-outs), unsubscribe, customer inquires, request to change email address.The entire email append process takes around 10 business days – in 10 business days marketers can increase their email database by 30 percent.

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