Kristin Culverwell AAPA

Top Tips for a Successful Website Redesign Process

Brittany Estes October 16, 2017

We break down top insider tips and tricks for a successful website redesign with clear stakeholder goals, process insights, project timelines, and more. Kristin Culverwell, Director of Publishing and Digital Operations at AAPA, gives us some great insights to make the process as smooth and successful as possible.

Peter Slutsky WordrPress VIP

The Next Digital Wave: WordPress Spreads Across the U.S. Government

Brittany Estes September 13, 2017

Peter Slutsky, Director of Platform Services at Automattic/ VIP, discusses WordPress as a full bodied CMS for large scale, government sites.

Five Website Features That Inspire Supporters to Give Back

Kurtis Shaner August 15, 2013

By Elisabeth Crum, Senior Interactive Strategist, OmniStudio As we head into WDG’s annual GiveBack DC initiative and digital strategy is in the air, we at both OmniStudio and WDG want to express our love for nonprofits, and the work they do to give back to our communities. We’re also passionate about smart web strategy and social […]

WDG Launch:

Homiera Fields August 8, 2013

By Scott Stasio, Special Projects Officer at Praescient Analytics The days of basic HTML websites hosted on GeoCites are long behind us (although some relics still do exist online). It is easy to forget how basic the web browsing experience was only a few years ago; streaming video was unthinkable, social media was just getting […]

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