AMP: The Quicker, Better Platform your Agency Needs

Andrew Amundson
Andrew Amundson
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Don’t Blink

One of the cornerstones of all technology has always been the concept of speed — how quickly any tool can finish its respective task. And the speed of the internet is so next-level that audiences are equally quick to get bored, distracted and move on to the next site, app, platform — no matter how quality the code, design, or content you’re providing. With Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages — AMP — pay close attention to the ‘A’ in the acronym, as it’s all about the acceleration aspect of the platform. AMP pages load almost instantly — in under a second — meaning upon landing on an AMP page, target audiences are getting what they want when they want it. This will obviously dovetail into the user being more receptive to brand messaging/CTAs.

No Need to Wait

AMP will not just improve UX, but core business metrics as well. The practically instant AMP page enables a consistently expedited experience across all devices and platforms that link to other AMP pages on Google, LinkedIn and more. These performance gains often translate to metrics that matter, such as time spent on page and return visits. By minimizing the time a user is waiting for a page to load, your revenue will be getting maximized. Conversions fall by 12% for each second it takes for a web page to load — tick, tock — for sales to rise and campaigns to go viral, your organization is going to need that AMP/Usain Bolt kind of speed.

Flex your Brand at the Speed of Ease

The AMP format allows you to retain your own branding/tooling while taking advantage of AMP’s optimized web components. Use CSS to customize your styling, delve into dynamic data, and experiment with A/B testing.

“But it’s super fast! It must be super difficult!”

Slow down — AMP will actually make your digital operations less difficult, with simple/straight-ahead page-building. Often, your entire archive can be converted in days, particularly if you’re using WordPress or Drupal. No one on your team needs any specialized tech ninja skills, or to concern themselves with optimizing code for each distribution platform — the AMP format is completely portable and AMP pages are always fast, no matter how one accesses them.   

Swipe your Story

An extension of AMP, AMP Stories are a feast for the eyes and mind — allowing users to swipe and tap through visually-driven internet stories with concise impact. This is the reckoning that users, especially on mobile, do not read long-form content — and so to adapt with the audience accordingly, AMP Stories come to life with the inevitable blend of arresting, swipe-through images and punchy text to convey your organization’s message. AMP and AMP Stories are ideal tools for both digital publishers and marketers — providing a visceral connection with audiences/clients. Quickly, check these AMP Stories below!

AMP Sampler

The Washington Post’s 2018 ‘Year in Review’

CNN’s Facts and Myths about MLK

Wired: The Rise of the Made-for-Instagram-Museum

Get in Early

Just like AMP, we here at WDG are built for speed, efficiency and impact. We always want to position ourselves at the fore of tech progress, and we have found ourselves there again. Currently we are working on AMP Stories of our very own, as we always have a story to tell — and if there’s a better way to tell that story, we will. You know that moment right before the next, new shiny thing in the digital world goes viral, and you’re nestled in the eye of the tech storm — before the tentative whispers are muffled in a cacophony of hype?

AMP Stories are that next, new shiny thing — and we welcome you to be first with us at WDG.

Unsure of how to use AMP for your business? Get in touch with us and together we can come up with the next classic collection of AMP Stories.

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