Creating Strategic Content for a Successful Redesign

Evolving with the trends.

This year WDG made some changes. We did some self-reflection and worked tirelessly to complete a project of our own. We refreshed our brand and are in the process of redesigning our own website. As we emphasize to all of our clients, improvements to technology and changes in trends are constant. So, we must practice what we preach. The time has come for us to do for ourselves what we do for our clients.

Defining WDG

First thing’s first, who is WDG? We did some critical thinking about who we are as a company and what our core values are. We solidified and defined constant curiosity, hardworking hustle, and strive for measured results as our compass for strategic decisions.

Our team remains curious, constantly willing to grow and learn new concepts while teaching others what we know. We are our own biggest critic. We are judged by the products we deliver — and be assured we always deliver. WDG is a dedicated group of colleagues. We work it out together until solutions and results are found.

Laying the strategic foundation.

Creating content requires deliberate strategic decisions. Our intention is to accurately portray our tone and visuals. Aligning our content so that it reflects the new look of WDG is important. Content needs to be strong and elegant. Content needs to work with the visual design, not against it.

Copywriting requires reiteration and reinforcement of the aesthetic without conflict or competition. We find that creating content and visual design in tandem, makes for a successful process that accurately represents what’s on the page.

Curating an established tone.

The tone in which we speak must portray how we feel about who we are — polished, professional, and diverse. The challenge of representing ourselves in written format while balancing each person’s voice is a test we took head-on. With this tone of voice, we are able to provide a glimpse into our daily office life, client relationships, and WDG as a brand.

Never truly finished.

Content is an aspect of the site we continuously review and adjust in order to appeal to our audiences. We constantly check things like readability, tone, accuracy, and alignment with the design.

Keep an eye out for our new site! Check back for upcoming posts discussing design and strategy decisions that led to launch or more on what it’s like to be your own client. Get in touch today and talk with our strategists to determine how we can guide your redesign.

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