Why KPIs are Necessary for Your Website

Using KPIs

Setting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to determine what has been accomplished and what is yet to be achieved, will positively increase conversion rates. Through KPIs, user experience and UI must be evaluated. Measuring your website’s success is critical to the process of development and design. Indicators help to measure the effectiveness of a given action or operation to reach your target and identify pain points. After identifying unexpected difficulties or errors within UX/UI, adjustments can be imposed in order to improve issues.

What to Measure

To begin setting KPIs, examine the goals of your site. Consider what you are attempting to achieve through redesigning your website. Goals are generally related to usability, structure, engagement, wire-framing, and visual design. Your website’s objectives can be broken down into smaller targets and KPIs can be determined and measured.

KPIsKPIs can consist of a range of possibilities. Examples include:

  • Conversion rates
  • Click Through Rates
  • Time Spent on Page

Generally every company will need unique objectives. Information regarding the performance of your design, obtained from measuring key performance indicators, can be very insightful. If one area is underperforming, then you have the capabilities to adjust whatever is necessary to meet your goal.

The KPIs of others can be a good source of inspiration but are most likely not reflective of your own company’s objectives. KPIs will help you to be successful by providing a method to evaluate the performance of your site and allow you to identify issues within UX/UI that need adjustments.

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