The Importance of CLEAR Scope of Work

Has your project fallen apart because a client has forgotten to mention a crucial deadline or mandatory deliverable? Have you worked with a vendor who miscommunicated the amount of time it would take to launch your product?

Then it’s time for you to get back to the basics—the scope of your project.

What is Scope Work?

The scope of work (SOW) is the most important stage of the discovery process because it lays out the foundation for the future of the project. The SOW should contain milestones, deadlines, deliverables, and expectations. If a scope of work is not clear and detailed the likelihood of failure or miscommunication with the client increases.

The SOW provides the necessary direction for the project. This allows the client to address all important deadlines and ideas prior to receiving any deliverable. The SOW also allows for the provider to address anything that needs clarification as well as understand the expectations prior to the next step. This step aligns the vision and responsibilities of both parties to ensure a successful end product.

Defining a Scope with Clients

WDG’s strategists, designers, and developers possess the necessary tools to deliver a website which exceeds client expectations. However, each team member utilizes different skillsets and therefore has unique questions in relation to a web design project scope.

Similarly, each client or vertical of clients have diverse needs, goals and expectations. WDG ensures effective communication by continuously touching base with our clients. When gathering the SOW, we involve key stakeholders and team members to address their questions, goals, and concerns.

A key to gathering a clear SOW is also communication. Our experts pay attention to client requests, but also address and suggest project directions based on experience. For example, our strategy team gathers detailed information like the number of navigation tabs to the internal site map.

We also listen to the client and validate that we understand their expectations. With the working knowledge gathered from previous clients, we apply our insights to the overall end product vision which will reach the sale, conversion, aesthetic and development goals of the client. By consulting with our team and our clients in detail, WDG prevents future hiccups or misunderstandings.

We told you scope was important!

Regardless of the industry, a scope is important because it gives the necessary details to the vendor that allows for a fair quote. Not all vendors are the same and expectations should never be assumed from the client or vendor perspective. Either side of the process may alter the outcome or delay the process of reaching the final deliverable. A quote or a bid on a request should be as accurate as possible, this allows for an effective timeline and a transparent agreement. Both parties understand exactly where the money is going throughout the process.

The scope of work is one of the most critical documents which should be utilized throughout the process. Both parties should resist moving forward without a clear and concise SOW. If you do not agree to a scope, it almost impossible to deliver an end product which meets all expectations within the given timeframe and budget.

In the end, your scope of work is your best tool for a smooth, enjoyable deployment for all of your projects.

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