Great Web Solutions Start with a Great Process


All great websites begin with a solid design and development process. At WDG, we have a tried and trusted process that elevates each and every one of our projects, helping our clients reach their digital goals. However, for those unfamiliar with web design and development, these processes can seem confusing. To help shed some light on WDG’s design and development process, I spoke to one of our amazing past clients who has experienced our trusted phases, The Alexandria Small Business Development Center, as well as our own designers and developers.

This story, which highlights the discovery, user experience, visual design, and development phases, was picked up and republished by Alexandria News. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Processes exist for a reason. They promote efficiency, discourage wasteful and unnecessary steps, and provide a reusable foundation on which future practices can be built. Ask any full-service digital company around, and you’ll find that they most likely have a trusted series of phases for building online products and solutions. Subscribing to a website design process allows designers and developers to work effectively without sacrificing functionality.

For more, check out the entire article, Great Web Design Solutions Begin With A Great Process, at the Alexandria News website.

Good digital web companies have processes to push forward their design and development projects. Better digital web companies are able to explain their redesign processes to help their clients understand the reasons behind each methodology, which ideally, helps them understand the value of our work. If you have any more questions about what WDG does, drop us a line today. 

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