Our DC Web Design Tricks

Before we reach the development phase, we are tasked with custom designing the site. This process involves research, extensive planning, and organization. WDG specializes in DC web design but also work with clients in VA, and MD. During the design phase, there is a large amount of collaboration between all parties involved; the development team is constantly checking in, the design team is conferring with the client, and the client is relaying their wants and needs back. Throughout this whole process, we keep the following three words in mind: Intuitive, Interesting, and Informative.

Here is what I mean by each:

Clients want to be able to navigate the site with ease.

This is done through an intuitive design with an emphasis on intuitive navigation. When users visit the site they do not want to be overwhelmed, they want to know where to click next to get to their desired content. If they are on the site with the sole purpose of exploring, the site should guide them to content that will be interesting to them. This brings us back to the next key point- an interesting design.

Every site that we build and design is carefully thought out with the users in mind.

An interesting design will help capture their attention and encourage them to stay on the website. It is important that the “interesting design” doesn’t become a cluttered layout. Our DC web designers will use their expert knowledge to ensure that the site looks flawless and is able to push information out in an interesting way.

A website that doesn’t push out informative content is just wasted space and does nothing to promote the brand.

Our DC design company is able to create a content rich site that won’t come off as stagnant, or cluttered. Finally, an informative website will help clients better understand what the purpose of function of your brand is.

The Web Development Group is a top DC design company that specializes in custom Drupal and WordPress designs. We offer training to our clients during and after completion of their site. If you are interested in working with our DC designers, get in touch with us today!


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