What is WordPress Multisite?

Many people assume WordPress is for bloggers or smaller websites. This is not always the case, though. We work for large companies, organizations, universities, and more to build our clients professional, modern, sleek and often large websites on Drupal and WordPress. Some of our largest clients (most recently, Shenandoah University) request to have their site built on WordPress. We are more than happy to custom design and develop a large WordPress website. WordPress is the ideal platform for any brand that is looking to have a functional website that can be easily edited from the backend yet can also be fully customized by a professional web development and design firm, such as The Web Development Group.

Depending on the size of your website, you might want to consider using WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite allows large sites to be divided up into smaller sites all under the main umbrella. For example, with Shenandoah University, the different academic departments are all housed under SU.edu but represent their own site (ex: nursing.su.edu).

There are many advantages of using WordPress Multisite. One of the main ones is the site administrator powers. Just like a regular WordPress site, the site administrator will have full control over the content of that site but there is also a “super administrator”. The super administrator will have access to the main site as well as all the sites housed under the main umbrella. Another advantage that should not be overlooked is the overall organization allowed by keeping a large site divided up in to smaller sites. Primarily, the ability to delegate who has administrator powers for what site.

Not every company and organization should use WordPress Multisite. It is best for large websites that have lots of content with different information. Smaller websites, personal blogs, and website that push out the same kind of content on all their pages, will not benefit much from WordPress Multisite. Universities, large brands, large nonprofits, and companies looking to build a large website, should consider using WordPress Multisite.  An updated WordPress Multisite guide is recently published on this link.

If you are thinking of building a new website and you want to learn more about WordPress Multisite, then get in touch with us! We specialize in building custom designed and developed WordPress sites. We will work with you to help figure out the best way to develop your site.

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