Content Strategy: What You Need To Know

Interested in improving your web presence? One of the fundamental changes you will most likely have to make is the content you choose to push out to your audience. Content encompasses the graphics, videos, and text that are displayed throughout your website. At The Web Development Group, we encourage companies and organizations to spend a considerable amount of energy and time finalizing the content, especially the text, for their website.

Content should be used to increase engagement with your audience, push out your message, and encourage action. Action usually involves making a purchase, giving a contribution, signing up for an e-newsletter, or filling out an interest form. Of course all organizations and companies are different, action is therefore defined differently for each business we work with. Before you start writing the new content for your website, it is important to consider what kind of action you want your audience to take. Once that decision has been made, all of the text on your website should either build legitimacy for your brand, increase engagement (think social media feeds and buttons), or encourage action. How do you do this?

Our clients will often ask us for our advice on content strategy while they are reviewing, revamping, and rewriting their content. First, and most importantly, keep your goal in mind. This goes back to the action that you want your audience to take. Secondly, never forget who your audience is. Who is the average person that views your page? Consider their age, influence, socio-economic status, hobbies, etc. All of this will have an effect on how they perceive the content that you post.

Aside from text; graphics and videos are another important part of the content that is on your website. At The Web Development Group, we have a team of skilled and professional designers that will work with you to create graphics and even a logo that reaches out to your targeted audience. Our proven tactics will decrease bounce rates and increase the amount of time spent on your site.

Your homepage is the most important page on your website. People will end up there by mistake and your goal is to keep them on your site as long as possible. Others will come with a purpose in mind, so you must have easy navigation. Still others will come to your site just to see what is new so you have to always be updating the homepage content. So what kind of content do you need to have on this page? We often recommend slideshows. Slideshows allow you to display new content often but also allow you to display a lot of content without your page looking cluttered. You can even add videos to your slideshow and each slide will link off to another page. This will keep people on your site longer and decrease bounce rates.

If you are interested in learning how a website redesign can help your increase your success, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with our Alexandria web developers and designers. We work with a broad range of brands throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

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