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When you work with The Web Development Group, we will help you hone in your ideas until you have the website you want that is user-friendly and easy to use, but how do we get you to that point? When thinking about a website design, we focus heavily on the audience that you will be appealing to. A lot of the process will involve you thinking about what kind of message you want to push out to your audience, who your primary audience is, and what kind of personality you want your brand to take on.

If you are a company with a very specific purpose, chances are your audience is a very specific kind of person and you want the majority of your web design and navigation to appeal to this group of people. If you appeal to a diverse range of audiences, different pages will probably need to appeal to the different audiences, but what do you do with your homepage? Use your homepage as a place to push out key information but also as a place for you to help steer your audience to the different pages. When working with diverse audiences, intuitive navigation is key.

The longer an audience member has to look for information, the more frustrated they will become and frustration leads to them leaving your website. At WDG, we make sure that all of our sites are built as intuitively as possible. How do we do this? We pay attention to every aspect of the web design. Then, we review your current website but we also look at your competitors’ sites. How are they appealing to the audience and how can we do it better? We think about the demographics of your different audiences and any other factors that may influence their ability to navigate particular sites.

Apart from appealing to your audience with easy navigation and custom web design page templates, you also need to focus on the content that you are putting on your site. We offer Drupal and WordPress training to ensure that you are more than able to add, edit, and delete any content you may want from your site. When designing your website, we will talk to you about what kind of content you want to display, and where you want to display it. We typically recommend staying away from text-heavy homepages and instead encourage the use of slideshows, images, and infographics throughout your site. Of course, every company is different and has different needs.

Finally, you get to think about the fun stuff! Are you keeping your logo the same? Maybe you want to update it or completely redesign it. We will offer suggestions on colors that will help your brand give off the personality you want. We will also work with you to perfect your social media presence and add feeds on your site if this is something you want.

Just keep in mind: we are here to help you get a new web design that you can be proud of. One you want to show off to your audience members. As a premier Alexandria web design company, we work with clients all over Virginia, North Carolina, and DC. Specializing in custom developed WordPress and Drupal sites, we consider ourselves wizards of the web. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can work with our team of web designers and developers!

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