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We made the decision to build our website on WordPress because we know that this particular CMS will fulfill all of our needs while maintaining a simple backend so anyone on the team can add and edit content. Of course, we created a completely custom WordPress site that shows off our personality.

One of the great things about working at The Web Development Group is the vast amount of knowledge that our team has when it comes to the best WordPress plugins. When developing the site, we knew SEO was going to be a priority. One of our developers immediately started throwing out different plugins that might help us out with SEO. After weeding through different WordPress SEO plugin options, we knew Yoast was going to be the right one for us.

Yoast is great because it allows you to make sure that each page and post is built with SEO in mind. Whenever a new page or post is started, a window appears that shows you exactly what Google will preview for that particular page/post. It also gives you a “page analysis” that breaks down all the different aspects of your post and will tell you what you can do to help improve your SEO. At WDG we have started calling this the “green light game” because as soon as you have accomplished a certain amount of tasks for SEO (IE: does the keyword appear in the first paragraph, does the keyword appear in the title, what is the keyword density?, etc.), a green dot will appear right where you hit “publish”.

When you are looking at all of your posts/pages it will show you how your SEO for the particular post/page is. Hopefully you can get them all to green (there are also yellow, orange, and red), but it is more difficult than you may think. Yoast allows you to create a focus keyword, an SEO title (what will appear in search engine searches), and a meta description. After working intensely with Yoast for a little over a week now, we highly recommend this WordPress plugin. This is a great way to help improve your overall reach and find new audience members.

At The Web Development Group, we make an effort to know all the best WordPress plugins and Drupal modules. On top of getting an intuitive, user-friendly site, you can also expect to get features, like Yoast, that will help your overall performance as a company. As a web design company in Alexandria, Virginia, we enjoy helping other small businesses in the area improve their performance. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you build a new web presence you can be proud of!

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