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At DC based WordPress and Drupal development company, WDG, we strongly encourage the installation of add-ons that will provide a live feed of your Twitter account to your website . This will allow anyone who goes to your website to know immediately that you are on Twitter and that you take customer engagement seriously.

If you are considering getting a Twitter account for your business, you probably should. Twitter allows direct communication between you and your followers. You can post links to promotions, blogs, news, etc. Other than sharing information directly with your followers, Twitter will allow people to retweet you which will help spread the news to even more people who otherwise might not be familiar with your products and services. There are some general practices when tweeting to your followers that is recommended:

  • When someone tweets something positive to you, be sure to retweet it. This will make the follower feel important and it will show other followers a positive review of your products/services.
  • If someone asks you a question, answer it. Engagement is key on Twitter.
  • Make sure you tweet regularly. It is important to show your followers that you are making an effort to engage on a regular basis with them. Don’t just tweet links to your blog or website, be sure to include interesting material that is relevant to your business. It is different for every company, but make sure you are not over tweeting.
  • Know what the Twitter world is saying about topics similar to yours. See what other people are tweeting and then use the hashtag wisely. Hashtags basically categorize your tweet. For example, if you are tweeting about a discount you should use #sale & #promotion.
  • Most importantly, be sure to promote your Twitter feed whenever possible. Have it linked at the end of your blog posts, emails, on your homepage, and Facebook. That is the best way to ensure that you will have a steady group of followers who care about you have to say.

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