We created custom designs for a flexible WordPress CMS platform to showcase WCF’s position as the primary thought-leader on cocoa sustainability issues.

Lush color schemes and photography maintain brand identity within a modernized aesthetic. Advanced navigation capabilities, search optimization, and overall performance of the WCF website were necessary. By simplifying the homepage with taxonomies, we minimized visual clutter, heavy text, and menu structure.


Navigate a cluttered menu structure, dated user experience, and aesthetics that provide full responsive design functionality.


Create flexible content to optimize visitor engagement by using elegant type and lush photography that maintain brand identity.


With improved navigation and design, WCF is able to meet their KPI objectives and ultimately improve conversions.

41.61% increase in sessions

35.9% increase in new users

World Cocoa Foundation website displayed on mobile devices

At Your Fingertips

We optimized World Cocoa Foundation for mobile to maximize user experience. Streaming videos and reading articles is now a seamless user experience.

Membership page of World Cocoa Foundation

promoting environmental development in cocoa-growing communities.

Hover affect from World Cocoa Foundation website

Building sustainability through flexible content.

Font, colors, layout, icons, type and photography set the tone for the visual language. WDG designed customized typography to compliment.

the wcf vision is a sustainable and thriving cocoa sector.

The World Cocoa Foundation is a nonprofit organization striving to establish cocoa sustainability. WCF partners with members in all areas of cocoa and chocolate production, representing more than 80 percent of the global market. WCF wants to ensure that farmers have the ability to prosper, communities are empowered, human rights are respected, and the environment is conserved.

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