The National Interest is an American international affairs magazine and online publication. Associated with the realist school of foreign policy thought, it seeks to educate the public on America’s approach to foreign affairs.

WDG migrated The National Interest site from Drupal 6 onto a custom built Drupal 7 platform in order to achieve their goal of promoting debates on the course of American foreign policy.


Create a platform that eases the user experience and navigates through cluttered content.


Built an adaptive Drupal 7 platform to optimize user engagement through improved navigation and site structure.


National Interest has been able to increase time spent on site and ultimately improve their conversions.

48% increase in ranking keywords

3:11 min avg. time on the site

Screenshots of
Screenshot of The National Interest

Valuable Design Decisions for a Publication.

Responsive Layouts

WDG designed a site that adapts to all screen sizes and provides a compelling experience to users.

Branded Design

Designers incorporated brand components into the site design. Key brand colors, red and black, play a major role in the site. Accompanied by a sophisticated legible font, designers were able to create a sophisticated and professional design.

Strong Imagery

The design incorporates imagery into each publication and landing page. The site is very content heavy so it was necessary to incorporate images and separate text.

National Interest website displayed on a tablet device.
Screenshot of National Interest Homepage
News Article from The National Interest displayed on a mobile device.

Mobile Friendly

Due to the high amount of traffic that The National Interest receives, it is critical that the site is designed for mobile use. The nature of their site is to publish pieces on current topics of issue, which are largely viewed through mobile devices. The WDG design provides the ability to responsively adapt to all screen sizes and still provide a compelling experience.

WDG built The National Interest’s site with their specified KPI goals in mind. The publication has seen an increase in conversions since the launch of the site. They have experienced an increase in total views, time spent on page, and subscriptions.


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