Treliant is a DC firm whose most valuable asset is its people. Their teams of industry practitioners consult and partner with financial institutions, businesses and law firms to help navigate requirements and best practices in the world of regulatory compliance, with expertise in Fintech, Fair & Responsible Banking, and Cybersecurity. 

WDG partnered with Treliant for a full rebranding of their site along with a high-level content strategy to better tell the story of their people and more clearly explain their service offerings. From our initial UX workshop to post-launch, we strived to create a brand narrative that reintroduced Treliant to the world.

Treliant Interior Page Designs
Treliant Pull Quote.
Treliant Homepage.
Treliant mobile comp.

Priceless Rebranding

Treliant’s design needed to be just as clear as their content, showcasing their people-first approach and industry impact. To achieve this, our designers pursued a visual direction that balanced the bold with the approachable, featuring a refreshed logo for a more inviting aesthetic and clean iconography that illustrated the caliber of their services.

Strategic brand colors prioritize their CTA’s to increase user engagement while polished photography showcases Treliant’s teams and work culture, appealing to both clients and recruits. This new vision for Treliant captures both the expertise of their professionals and the depth of their offerings. 

Treliant team page.
Treliant photography guide.

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