The origin of TechnoServe’s name comes from founder Ed Bullard’s sentiment that technology should serve people for the betterment of our world. And for over 50 years in over 40 countries, TechnoServe has kept fulfilling their promise by helping develop enterprising entrepreneurs in emerging countries to enrich lives, careers and international markets.

From creating Coffee Farm Colleges in Uganda to supporting the Mozambican Cashew Industry with the USDA, TechnoServe taps into human potential to empower entrepreneurs and unlock economic opportunities. Specializing in agriculture, food processing and micro-retail, all their projects ultimately invest in impact. In that regard, their mission statement aligns with our own ethos here at WDG to bring about positive change through tech, and this like-mindedness made this project and partnership a productive enterprise of its own.

TechnoServe logo work.
TechnoServe's homepage.

Our strategists and IA experts helped tell TechnoServe’s story succinctly, figuring how to best connect their content together to support their narrative with a pillar model that’s ideally suited for SEO. Through the discovery of internal stakeholder interviews, we gleaned insights for a better grasp of their mission statement and messaging as a nonprofit in their space.

This allowed us to create a website that maximized our primary strategic goal for TechnoServe: to steadily increase their online donations over the next five years.

TechnoServe's donation page.

Our developers’ implementation of WordPress as their CMS with flex layouts gave TechnoServe’s team more autonomy to create customizable solutions for all their content needs. Whether showcasing their projects or partnerships, this ease of content management empowers TechnoServe just as they keep empowering millions of people in the developing world to build better futures.

TechnoServe's flex layouts featuring projects and partnerships.

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