Best WordPress Development Firm in Washington DC

Natalie Brown June 11, 2018

#1 in WordPress Development WDG is proud to have earned various awards as a top ten agency for Web Design, Digital Design, WordPress and UX categories. Although we have earned awards in various categories, we are especially honored to receive a first place award in WP Development in Washington DC.

What Makes Data Migration so Complicated

Homiera Fields August 4, 2016

Data migration is the process of transferring your data and content from your old site, to your new one. Data migration is a part of most every project. Unfortunately, there is no magic button that seamlessly transfers into its new place. We're breaking down the right way to go about data migration, and explaining the complications of what can go wrong when improperly carried out.

wordpress vs. drupal

Which is Best: WordPress or Drupal?

Homiera Fields July 8, 2016

If your organization is looking to redesign its website, chances are you are faced with the question, "Which is better, WordPress or Drupal?” As two of the most popular open source content management systems (CMS), each with countless benefits, the answer is never simple. We asked our expert development team to leverage their immense experience by breaking down the advantages, and disadvantages, of each to help you best decide which is right for your project.

5 Reasons to Use a WordPress CMS

Are Custom WordPress Templates for You?

Homiera Fields June 10, 2016

There are many great benefits of implementing your website with custom WordPress Templates. They are customizable, easy to implement, affordable, and much more. Read on to learn more and see if this option is right for you.

WordPress Command Line Interface

Trending now: WordPress Command Line Interface

Homiera Fields February 17, 2016

Catch some expert insight into WordPress Command Line Interface and how WDG developers are utilizing this innovative feature.

WordPress 4.3: Making the Web More Secure

Homiera Fields August 25, 2015

Today, WordPress powers roughly a quarter of the web. It is a powerhouse that can easily affect the course of the Internet for the future. This is why I was excited to hear of an initiative starting in WordPress 4.3 to improve passwords. If you have not heard yet, the latest version of WordPress now includes an […]

4 Reasons You Should Love Open Source Software

Kaitlyn Borysiewicz August 20, 2014

As a web development agency, it’s our job to deliver clients websites that are good-looking, but also manageable. After all, how effective can a website be if it doesn’t function the way it’s intended to? That’s where open source software comes in. By now, you probably know that WDG has some ace WordPress and Drupal developers. […]

How to Replace Open Sans in WordPress 3.8

Ab Emam January 17, 2014

The Background There was a great discussion between Matt Thomas and the WordPress Core crowd in November having to do with the use of Google Webfonts vs bundling font files in the new admin section for the use of Open Sans. The theory went that there were some huge advantages to using Google Webfonts, especially […]

A Developer’s Take on the Google Publisher WordPress Plugin

Homiera Fields January 16, 2014

Google released another tool, the Google Publisher WordPress plugin, in their push to further their reach as an ad-serving giant. Google Publisher is a toe hold in a content-driven WordPress ecosystem that will only grow as more people discover just how easy it is to publish online using WordPress’s content management system. Google has been […]

72 hours, 30 volunteers, 3 Organizations = Success

Kurtis Shaner September 10, 2012

GiveBack DC 2012 was a huge success! Our three teams worked late into the night finalizing the development aspects of the websites. The Web Development Group is excited to announce each of the nonprofits’ websites were successfully launched, much to the excitement of GiveBack DC volunteers, sponsors and the nonprofits themselves! Setting-up WordPress for nonprofits […]

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