The National Interest and Contegix: The Value of Partnerships

The National Interest

WDG works closely with clients and partners in order to provide thorough and attentive  performance. WDG constructed a site redesign and migration onto a Drupal site for The National Interest, a leading international media publication. The National Interest is an American international affairs magazine that is published by the Center for the National Interest. A redesign was necessary in order to cope with the expanding business of The National Interest and increasing number of site visitors. A quick yet reliable revamp was necessary, as well as a host to support The National Interest’s new site.

WDG was able to assist The National Interest on their redesign by providing full-spectrum support, including strategy, design, and web development. The National Interest was analyzed and needs were identified in order for WDG to provide them with tailored solutions.


WDG strives to provide clients with advanced performance capabilities and often recommends hosting Drupal sites with Contegix, an IT hosting firm. Contegix assists clients with developing and implementing a fully supported cloud solution. WDG has partnered with Contegix as a trusted host because of their obvious capabilities and support services.

WDG referred The National Interest to Contegix hosting. As a result, The National Interest worked closely with both WDG and Contegix throughout the redesign process. Contegix delivers productive advice and troubleshooting expertise. This presented The National Interest with highly responsive feedback and customer service. This partnership ensured all of The National Interest’s technical requirements were able to be met.


WDG and Contegix have collaborated effectively for over 6 years. Contegix is the trusted host for many of WDG’s Drupal sites. Contegix is known for delivering exceptional customer service and infrastructure intelligence. By combining the skills and capabilities of WDG and Contegix, we are able to elevate our services to be secure, adaptable, reliable, and efficient. This partnership provides clients with a successful platform to manage and support their site.

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