Use These Mobile Apps For A Better Work Day

You’re probably one of those folks that has that iphone/droid/galaxy/ipad/tablet/etc always within reach at all times, aren’t you?  So are we. With that “permanently glued to our hand” technology, our team has compiled a list of mobile apps that are extremely useful and make us feel better about our productivity.

Put that phone/tablet to work!

If you use social media, check out HootSuite. A Stellar app that lets you manage multiple accounts across your social networks, you’ll be able to tweet and post while you’re running between meetings!

Sharing documents has never been this easy. Now, with Dropbox on your phone and tablet, you’ll have quick access to your team’s cloud storage while on the go. This totally makes up for the iPhone’s long lost filing system.

WunderlistA Godsend for those who NEED lists to stay organized and get through their work days. Wunderlist lets you create multiple lists, share & collaborate, and set deadlines for tasks.

Love to grow your network, but lose those business cards you collect? Grab CardMunch, scan that card and, BOOM! Your newest friend is now connected to you on LinkedIn!

With the amount of work piled on your plate, you probably get lost in current events often. Download Circa and easily follow today’s biggest news stories on your phone! That traffic jam on your way home will be the perfect time to catch up on what’s happening around the world.

If you’re like us and use Basecamp religiously for project management, then get ready to enjoy easy access to what’s going on with your clients with this app. Access all the messages, files and milestones be in the know, quickly… all from the easy of your phone.

It’s 3pm and you’re in desperate need of a boost to get you through the rest of the afternoon. Songza will offer a playlist that is specifically catered to the time of day, what you’re doing and your current mood. That plus the triple espresson in your cup will have you blazing through the rest of the work day.

Bump – no longer a service
Stop emailing yourself all those photos! Easily share photos, files, and contacts from your phone to your computer. Bump is also phenom for phone to phone sharing.

Grab a stylus and turn the iPad into your sketch pad for all those ideas milling about in your mind. This beautiful app has a great set of “writing” tools to put your thoughts to “paper”. Bonus: Share your notes/sketches with colleagues via email and social media.

Prismatic –
A cross between a traditional news feed and your Facebook News Stream, this awesome app aggregates the news you really should have read… according to the folks you follow.

Worship an app that isn’t listed here? Tell us about it! Share in the comments below or tweet at us with the apps that help you out!

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