One Hundred Thousand

Back in September 2012 (after our first annual GiveBack DC event – last year known as CreateathonDC), we released the new version of It has only taken 7 months for us to see 100,000 page views across the site. Since this is such a huge milestone, we decided to put together some statistics to celebrate the event.


100,000 Page Views

300% increase in visitors

700% increase in mobile traffic

450% increase in traffic to the blog

140% increase in search referrals

125% increase in social traffic

Top 3 referrersThe WordPress Showcase is our top referrer, followed by Creattica and Design Bombs

Top 5 referral sites are brand new

Top 3 projects: Face the Facts, MHz Networks, Gold Star Family Registry

Top 3 profiles: Homiera, Ab, Mike

Top 3 posts: CreateathonDC (now known as GiveBackDC), Demolition, Top WordPress plugins

Strange Google Searches

“Which one is the best web development group in facebook?” — Us, obviously.

“US Congress branding” — We didn’t do it, but we like these types of projects.

“Internet develop bad habit” and “bad habits of web companies” — Maybe looking for our Demolition Campaign?

“Teletubbies logo” — Not us, but we know a great look-alike.

“Dapper man lineup” and “dapper man dogs” — We must have used the word “dapper” somewhere.

“Big site but” — Big site but… what?!

“How to win a popularity contest” — You’ve come to the right place, my friend.


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