Measuring Social Media Success

Interested in measuring social media success? Although you may be tempted to say that the number of  “likes” your page has is a direct result of your social media efforts, this is not always the case. Yes, a large Facebook following is likely to be evidence of a successful social media presence but what matters more than “likes” is the engagement that is coming from those who have already “liked” the page. A page with lots of “likes” but low engagement is a sign that you have a popular product, and your customers/clients are interested in keeping in touch with you but the content being posted on the page isn’t of interest. If you are only posting pictures of products and are not getting the desired response, try posting photos that show-off your company’s culture.

Aside from just observing Twitter and Facebook engagement, there are multiple ways to build analytical reports or charts to help keep track of your progress. First, don’t dismiss the insights provided on Facebook. Although there may not look to be too much information provided here, simply exporting the data to Excel will provide you with every statistic you could possibly want. Then all you have to do is plug this into a Google Fusion Table and go wild.

If you are looking to monitor stats on a daily or even weekly basis, it might be worth subscribing to a program that helps you. Sprout Social has proven to be extremely useful for us here at WDG. It clearly organizes the data for each social media site you have and gives you a graphical explanation of each.

If you are convinced that you are posting engaging content but you still really want to build your following on Facebook, consider running ads. Facebook allows you to put in a daily spend amount so you know exactly how much you will be paying each week/month and don’t have to worry about the budget getting out of control. Ads can be custom designed and targeted to specific audiences.

Want to talk more about social media? Be sure to reach out to The Web Development Group and tell us you are interested in improving your social media presence. Although we specialize in WordPress development in DC, we also have strategists on board that can help you write content for all social media sites and your blog. If you are interested in building a new website, social media will be a factor during both the design and development phases. Depending on how involved you are with social media, our Drupal and WordPress designers will create a site that incorporates the best modules and plugins. Reach out to us today!

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