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After you have poured time and resources into a new web design and development project, it makes sense to want your audience to see your new website. The question then becomes, how do you increase website traffic?

The Web Development Group follows a best practices methodology which involves building all of our websites to be as SEO friendly as possible. This means, prior to even promoting your site, you will rank higher on all search engines. We will install SEO plugins and modules that will help ensure the content you are adding is keeping your website is up to SEO standards.

Apart from SEO, you should make sure you are pushing your new website launch on all social media channels. For Twitter, make sure you use the appropriate hashtags to draw in difference audiences. For example, if the site was build on WordPres, use #WordPress to get web developers interested in checking it out. The more traffic that gets to your site, the better.

If you are looking to gain more customers/clients and increase your reach, considering online advertising. Facebook and Google both offer different platforms that allow advertisers to create custom ads and target them to a select group of people in a predetermined location. This allows you to build ads that will only be shown to people who meet the profile of your current clients and customers.

When targeting ads, it is important to use all the available information that you have on your current audience and project it on to those who fall into similar categories. Take some time to do some research and begin to understand the demographics of your key audiences. This can be done through Facebook insights or Google Analytics. WDG also subscribes to a few different services that help identify key audiences.

It is important to constantly monitor ads that are running. Whenever you see an ad that is doing well, immediately duplicate it and begin running it to different targets. Consider running the same ad 4 or 5 times to different audiences rather than adding running it once and targeting it to all the groups. Running it multiple times allows you to see which category of targets is the most effective.

Advertising is an extremely effective way to introduce people to your product. Once you bring them to your website, it is important to have a professional, modern, and dynamic web presence that represents your company or organization. At The Web Development Group, we specialize in custom WordPress websites and Drupal sites. If you are looking to increase your company’s online presence, get in touch with one of DC’s top web design companies. Reach out to us to learn more about our social media services, online advertising, and web development process.

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