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Name recognition is a huge part in the success of your company, but how do you develop an influential and lasting one? This can be difficult, to say the least.

The key thing to remember when developing your branding strategy is that you maintain a continuous and current brand. Oftentimes, organizations fall behind on their branding due to lack of manpower or the understanding of how to successfully market and maintain their brand. If too much time passes before any major updates are made to the strategy, the ultimate task can seem daunting.

At WDG, we work continuously to maintain our own brand by updating our marketing and promotional material as needed, while working with other organizations in their rebranding efforts. As we’re in the midst of our own internal rebranding project, we are excited for the updates to what we showcase as our public representation. Luckily, WDG has some of the best web designers and developers in the DC area (I might be biased, but we are pretty awesome) and we were in for a treat as they presented to our team the new plans for our website and our WDG mark.

We are really happy with how the designs have come out and can’t wait to go into development and take our rebranding live. The new site development continues to highlight our WordPress, Drupal, web design, and social media services, as well as featuring many of our larger and more in-depth projects we recently launched.

If you’re just starting your branding strategy, there’s plenty of easy, simple ways to help market and get your brand out there! Investing in new marketing material, updating photos regularly on social media sites, and always sharing fresh content with your audience are prime and fun ways to help promote your brand. If you are looking for a new website, reach out to us. Our web design and development team are eager to help market, rebrand, and give your company a memorable personality!

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