WordPress: The Official Sponsor of CreateathonDC!

Kurtis Shaner
- < 1 min read

If you follow our posts regularly (like you should!), you’ll remember us blogging a few weeks ago about CreateathonDC, the event we are hosting in the fall to help give back to local non-profits in our community.

We are really excited about all of the attention this event has garnered in such a short time! Already, we have a terrific group of volunteers that will be coming out and dedicating their time to this event, as well as a long list of non-profits who have applied to be a part of this event. In order to make CreateathonDC a great success, we need to raise funds to host the event at no cost to all of the volunteers and non-profits participating. Sponsors are what will make CreateathonDC a great avenue for giving back to our local community.

We are excited to announce that WordPress is now our official sponsor for CreateathonDC! This is a huge honor, especially given that the event will be creating and developing WordPress-powered websites for all non-profits involved! With WordPress, the most popular open-source CMS and blogging package available to the web, officially backing CreateathonDC, we are looking forward to the increased interest in helping and supporting the event from our local community.

Along with WordPress, CreateathonDC is also currently sponsored by iConstituent, ThreeSpot, and Simpson Development. We are happy to have all of these companies on board supporting the efforts of the 2012 CreateathonDC team. This event would not be possible if it weren’t for their support.

If you would love to be a part of this year’s CreateathonDC, it’s not too late to apply as a sponsor, participating non-profit, or a volunteer! If your company would like to help, email [email protected] to chat with us about opportunities to help CreateathonDC.

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