How did WordPress win the popularity contest?

Kurtis Shaner
- < 1 min read


This chart from Google Trends compares the amount of Google search volume for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. As you can see, WordPress has started to skyrocket above its competition in recent years, at least in terms of Google searches. When WordPress first started, it was made primarily for bloggers. Although still an easy to use platform for the everyday blogger, WordPress is now a solid competitor in the CMS sphere. The main advantage that WordPress has is its ease of use. Anyone can set up a blog or a basic website on WordPress but the same is not true for Joomla or Drupal. At Web Development Group, based out of Alexandria, VA, we have a team of skilled professional web designers, developers, and social media experts who are eager to help you with your next web project. We meet with our clients to identify which CMS will be most effective for their needs. Our upcoming event to help local nonprofits,, will use only WordPress but we also encourage the use of Drupal for some of our clients. Schedule a meeting today to learn how we can help you! [email protected]

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