Welcome to the NEW JoeBarton.com

Kurtis Shaner
- < 1 min read

With a tight race coming up this year, Joe Barton’s campaign has turned it up a notch online.  Just landing on the homepage of http://joebarton.com, you know you’ve landed in Texas with the state flag and flower proudly displayed on the red, white, and blue website.

Using DC’s leading WordPress and Drupal Web Development company, WDG, to design and develop a new website and content management system, Barton’s new congressional campaign design is a combination of pleasing aesthetics and a streamlined, organized structure powered by WordPress, a powerful open-source platform.

With the flexibility and ease of use that WordPress and its content management system is well-known for, Barton’s campaign is now able to easily maneuver within the administrative end of the site to update and add new content to showcase Barton’s priorities, upcoming events, and other essential information in a clean and viewer-friendly format.

Check the new site out for yourself at http://joebarton.com and contact us for your own design/development needs!

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