Give Your Brain a No-Thinking-Allowed Minute.

Kurtis Shaner
- < 1 min read

Whether you are a web designer, developer, or front-end developer, there is an endless variety of inspiring developers out there using modern web building to show off their creative ideas and animation without the need for plugins such as Flash.  Good and simple ideas are the ones that blow you away and give you enough inspiration to create your own HTML5 ideas.  It may even give you a conceptually pleasing experience and leave you playing on them for an embarrassing amount of time.

Ball Pool is one of those amusing websites combined with a brilliant and cool idea that is simple and dynamic.  Programmers and heroes such as Mr. Doob, Ricardo Cabello, who created Ball Pool, is one of the talented leaders to the geek tech world we live in.  Ball Pool is a simple concept that provides exciting interactive animation.  Who wouldn’t be intrigued by your blank browser filling up with multi-colored balls where you can drag your browser around and shake up the balls!  Or better yet — you can send the balls flying around the browser with a quick jostle of the browser window!

Just imagine, having a few minutes to kill and decompress.  Ball Pool is a perfect and fun site to let your brain zone out and be artistically entertained.  It’s a great way to recharge and keep you busy for plenty of time.  If you don’t like the background color or if you just want to be amused even more, you can double click on the background and change the color.  Or you can drag multi-color balls and even create new ones.

Be inspired with Mr. Doobs awesome effects here.

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