WordPress is flexing its muscles in DC and Northern Virginia!

WordPress is flexing its muscles in DC and Northern Virginia!

Lately, we are getting a ton of calls from associations and corporations who are looking to switch their current, Drupal-based site over to WordPress. After investing a good chunk of funds on their Drupal infrastructure, these organizations have been quick to learn the not so fun side of the open-source product. Drupal is an amazingly powerful content management system; however, with power comes complexity. That, my friends, means the added necessity of more tech-savvy staff on payroll. Drupal has done an incredible job marketing to the DC web market – many government agencies have jumped onto the Drupal train. For the agencies who are in need of a heavy content management system and have the budget to do so, Drupal is a platform worth exploring.

With that in mind, WordPress’s platform is just as capable, but more flexible and less headache-inducing. When it comes to usability, especially for “un-techy” clients, WordPress has Drupal beat by a mile and then some. WordPress sites are created by developers, but they’re built to be user-friendly and flexible towards the client and admin users. Companies using WordPress can accomplish just as much as companies using Drupal for their content management systems. In comparison, the administrative end of a Drupal site is still messy for the general user – even in Drupal 7!

In short, Drupal is powerful and fantastic at what it’s been built to do. But it can be complete overkill for the majority of organizations in the DMV region. If you’re looking to build a new website with a CMS and you’re pitched a Drupal implementation, take a step back and consider WordPress and if your organization is readily capable to handle the content management system of a Drupal-powered site.

We can help you make the right decision – Let’s chat about your organization’s needs and compare the different platforms to your needs. Get in touch and lets chat!

Before you commit, make sure the CMS is a good fit.
WordPress DC is hot!

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