Email Append Service using Voter Files for Campaigns and Interest Groups

David Everett
- < 1 min read

We come across voter files quite often so we have seen them in all shapes and formats. Voter files may be important for congressional members, political campaigns and interest groups but what really makes voter files powerful is email appending. Once a voter file is email appended, the interest group or member can communicate, survey or get out the vote via email instantly and at a much more affordable rate – which is why voter file email append has become so popular.

Having the option to check results of your marketing campaign instantly through a web browser is very powerful for a congressional member or a person running for office. These reports will allow them to tweak their message or opinion instantly because we can communicate much fast via email.

So how does voter file email matching work? There are plenty of companies that offers email append services but make sure you work with an email append vendor that has a lot of experience with voter files. AcquireSoft is built to take on massive voter files so keep them in mind (ps.. this software was built by us here at Web Development Group).

  • Send your voter file to your email append vendor
  • The email append vendor should run the file and give you a match rate within 72 hours
  • The email append vendor will deploy the initial welcome email for you to clean out the file
  • 5-7 business days after the initial welcome message was sent, you should be able to get your voter file back but with an email address matched to 30-40 percent of the file.

Give us a call or visit for more information on email append.

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