WDG Launch: Virginia Delegate Patrick Hope Website

In a new wave of web design it is clear that less is more – meaning less clutter and more space to emphasize crucial elements on the site. Delegate Patrick Hope representing Arlington, Virginia launched its new website with a slick slideshow, integrated Facebook, and YouTube feeds while integrating a solid new social blogging platform. The site doesn’t look like every other delegate’s website with blended district images instead like the rest of the site; the banner is clean, bold, and to-the-point.

Virginia’s 47th district constituents won’t have to look hard for breaking information affecting the area or become a Facebook follower. The new website features a prominent “media” section as well as a section dedicated solely for announcements and events from the Delegate. The site has a personal touch that offers immediate sign up service for email newsletters and direct mail and the site makes it easy for constituents to donate.


Created by Zaff Studiofrom the Noun Project